Arts and Culture

I have always had a passion for arts and culture, and I have consistently looked for ways to combine that with my interest in journalism. In addition to the multi-newsroom coverage of the 2016 True/False Film Fest that I coordinated and the regular movie reviews I write, below are several examples of the arts and culture journalism I have produced for KQED News, KBIA News and Vox Magazine.


Alcatraz Displays Irrational Numbers & Irrationally Long Prison Sentences

AlcatrazI saw this exhibit while playing tourist at Alcatraz and felt it would be an excellent way to highlight a fascinating and unique piece of art while also discussing the important and relevant topic of prison reform. I was especially proud of the how I was able to translate a visual piece of art to radio and took advantage of those visuals for the online piece.

Blacklisted Cuban Artist Brings Extreme Political Art to Bay

TaniaOver the course of reporting this story, the main subject broke her foot and got the flu, making interviewing her a challenge. I persevered and produced a story that takes an abstract and complicated art exhibit and not only makes it understandable, but relevant to the average KQED listener.

trump‘Naked Trump’ Statue Removed From S.F. Castro but Lives on via the Web

This was one of the more bizarre stories I covered at KQED, but I think it is a great example of a public radio story that extracts more nuance and deeper meaning out of a more out-there topic.


Extra LifeColumbia gamers support MU Women’s and Children’s

This fun, heartwarming story aired within a week of me seeing a tweet about the program. It was a good experience of finding, vetting and turning around a feature on a short time line.

Orrin Evans on Creating Music Based on Thomas HaOrrin Evans Imagert Benton Mural

This was my first two-way feature. The format forced me to think critically about my questions, not only to make sure they sounded strong on air but that they produced an engaging narrative that was worth the listener’s time. This was my first arts-focused feature, and it primed me to continue pursuing similar stories.

New York Jazz Group Pays Homage to Missouri’s BentonEvans

This was the second-ever performance of a jazz suite specially commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York to honor Thomas Hart Benton. It was was my first arts-related spot and helped me learn how to write about arts for a news audience.

Vox Magazine

forgotten-booksForgotten books and where to find them

I had a lot of fun rummaging around this niche blog about forgotten books and sharing it with our readers. It was like a digital used-book store that’s made to get lost in.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern share the spotlight in MU Theatre productionrg

I have always loved theater and musicals, but this was my first chance to cover a show as a journalist. The show was hysterical, and it was fun to produce a piece that played off the humorous conceit of the play.

How popular literature is flipping the scriptracebend

I had known about gender and racebending for a while, and I thought it was fascinating how several high-profile cultural phenomena were engaging in it at the same time. I also saw this as an opportunity to talk about the powerful role that arts and literature play in establishing the lens through which we see our world.

Clinton vs. Trump: The book-offclinton-books

I had always been interested in the fact that writing a book was a de-facto part of running for president. This tongue-in-cheek piece gave me a chance to play around with that idea and offer a different kind of election story.

Story images courtesy of Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lin Kristensen/Wikimedia Commons, Yinzi Zeng/Vox Magazine, Nicolas Genin/Wikimedia Commons and Mike Mozart/Flickr.