Author: ryanblevi

“Who are you today?”

It’s a question I get almost every day from my coworkers in the KQED newsroom in San Francisco, and the answer is almost always different from day-to-day. Some days I’m a general assignment reporter. Some days I’m a newscast producer. Some days I’m reporting features. Some days I’m putting together an engagement strategy for a podcast or special investigation. Some days I’m producing our award-winning newsmagazine. Some days I’m producing a podcast.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m guided by the same journalistic vision. I look to inform the public with factual and useful information for their lives. I tell stories that allow me to share the lives of everyday people who wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to be heard. I look to use my skills as a multimedia journalist to transport people to somewhere else: another place, another perspective, another point of view.

A little bit more about me: I’m a proud Minnesotan and a long-suffering Minnesota sports fan. I love books, films and podcasts. I can quote almost every episode of The West Wing.

Please connect with me on TwitterLinkedIn or email (ryanblevi [at] yahoo [dot] com).