I have worked as a general assignment reporter for two award-winning public radio newsrooms:  KQED News and KBIA News. I have covered a wide range of topics and produced numerous features, dailies and digital content.


Dreamer Sees Path to Escape Immigration Limbo

Over-the-ShoulderI reported this story as part of a special edition of The California Report Magazine focusing on immigrants dealing with the uncertainty of the Trump administration. Putting a human face on an abstract issue was incredibly rewarding and the stories resonated strongly with our audience.

In a Start-Up and Cash Out World, One Silicon Valley Restaurant Keeps it Homespun

When I noticed that one of the most non-Silicon Valley restaurants I knew of was being sold to longtime employees, I knew it would be a fun and relevant story to do. I had a blast reporting this story, which seemed to hit a sweet spot with both my coworkers and our audience.

Going to Napa? Take a Break From Wine and Check Out This Mill

WheelThis story was part The California Report Magazine’s annual “Hidden Gems” show. I heard about this mill through a former editor and the resulting piece is one of my favorites  because of the way I mixed the history and present day scenes as well as the almost continuous use of sound.


Collaboration Fuels Renewed Optimism in Fight Against Homelessness

HomelessnessFor weeks, I tried to understand the complex world of homelessness services, talking with as many stakeholders as possible and trying to figure out how I was going to condense it all into a four minute feature. The final story, with a multimedia web build out, is the piece I am most proud of from my time at KBIA.


Former Contra Costa Deputy Charged with Sex with a Minor in Exploitation Case

PerezI was assigned to do a short preview piece on a court date for an ex-deputy involved in a wide-ranging local law enforcement sex scandal case. While researching the story, I found that the charges against him had been increased and broke that news on air and online.

Victims’ Families Sue Tech Companies Over San Bernardino Shooting

Community Mourns As Investigation Continues Into San Bernardino Mass ShootingThis story allowed me to take the hot-button issue of social media companies’ culpability when terrorist organizations use their networks and provide both a human face in the father of woman killed by terrorists and the complex legal context of case.

Once-Homeless Mills College Swimmer Sets a Record — and Helps Othersmelissa-berkay

I produced the original radio spot and online story in the lead up to this record-breaking swim. I then followed the story to be able to produce a follow-up radio story and updated web story as soon as she completed the swim.

Columbia Residents Prepare to Vote on Roll CartsRoll Cart

This was a pre-election primer on a highly-contested ballot initiative surrounding trash collection. Numerous people cited this story as giving them clarity on the often confusing issue.



Who’s Funding the Anti-Trump Movement? We Don’t Know

indivisibleMy editor told me to find out who was funding what people were calling “the Tea Party of the Left.” I did extensive research and interviewed group leaders to produce this deep dive into their fundraising philosophy. It was my first experience with this kind of investigative reporting. The story was picked up and shared by NPR.

What Insurance Does Your California Representative Have?

HealthcareI repeatedly called and emailed the offices of all 54 occupied California Congressional seats to find out whether they received health care through the DC Exchange or some other method. In the flurry of coverage surrounding the health care debate, this piece of coverage was unique and relevant for our audience.

Dueling S.F. Days of Remembrance Show Division Over Police Killings

I collaborated with KQED’s police reporter to offer a different and nuanced perspective on the ongoing issues between police and communities of color.


Brock Turner Released From Jail After Three Monthsbrock-turner

I collaborated with another reporter who was on the scene to make sure we had a thorough and complete story about this high-profile early morning release.

Story images courtesy of KBIA, Alex Emslie/KQED, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Indivisible, Mark Fiore, ABC7 Bay Area, Veronica Weber/Palo Alto Weekly.