In my time at KQED News, I have learned to use social media as both a reporting tool and a way to distribute our content and engage with our audience.

As a reporter, I have used Twitter to report on breaking and developing news stories as well as producing multiple Facebook Lives.

As a fill-in engagement producer, I have created social cards to help promote content on social media (see below) as well as crafting and executing a social media strategy to distribute our stories to as many people as possible on Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor.

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Personal Blogs

Films and Figures

I have always had (and still do have) the goal of seeing all 100 films on the AFI Top 100 list. I spent a semester blogging about my attempts to chip away at that goal. I also tried my hand at making some fun and informative infographics to go along with each post.

A New View of Mizzou

Photography was what first drew me into the multimedia world and this blog allowed me to experiment with different kinds of photography and photojournalism.