True/False 2016

I managedTF-CONVO KBIA’s coverage of the 2016 True/False Film Fest, one of the largest annual documentary film festivals in the world. The center piece of our coverage were our “True/False Conversations” with filmmakers screening films at the festival. I assigned reporters to interview filmmakers and then helped them edit those interviews down to four minute produced pieces that we aired in the week leading up to the festival. During the festival weekend, I assigned reporters to cover the film, food, music and other events taking place.

I also created and coordinated a collaboration between KBIA and Vox Magazine to produce multimedia and audio reviews of eight films prior to the festival. I coordinated communication between the two newsrooms, edited reviews and worked with Vox’s digital and multimedia editors to create the best digital presentation of the reviews. I produced the eight reviews and combined them with an extended expert interview for a 30-minute festival preview special.

Overall, our station produced 13 filmmaker interviews, eight movie reviews, four weekend features and a 30-minute pre-fest special. Personally, I did two filmmaker interviews, an extended interview with a documentary film expert, two weekend features, one review and extensive social media coverage of the festival.